Brilliant Training Center encapsulates the following values;

God-Centered Organization – we strive to be a model organization honoring God in our corporate lifestyle.

Excellence and Quality – We do our utmost effort to be able attain superior performance in our communications, processes and execution.

Innovation – Brilliant constantly strive to improve ourselves and find unique, effective methods to deliver our services in a continuously changing environment.

Integrity – Our company upholds honesty, fairness and strong moral principles and is committed to the highest standards of ethics and mutual respect in internal and external dealings.

Passion – We love the things we do and strongly believe and focus in our Vision.

Responsiveness – Communication is one of our priorities. We proactively engage with our customers and stakeholders and make sure that they get all the things they need conveniently.

Individual Growth – Brilliant Training Center creates an environment that fosters systematic growth of employees throughout their stay in the company.

Teamwork – we create an environment that produces unity of purpose, synergistic relationship and optimum results.