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NCLEX Review Program


• Free Diagnostic Tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses;

• 12 Sessions of Comprehensive and Intensive Review Program every Fridays and eight (8) hours a day;

• Live Lectures with actual sharing of NCLEX experience from the experts because we understand the anxiety that goes with the preparation and examination;

• One on one coaching and support with the trainers and the team;

• Flexibility in Schedule tailored to working professionals;

• Free Book and Materials to keep you upbeat;

• Free Lunch and Snacks

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  • NCLEX2999AED
  • IELTS1499AED
  • OET999AED
  • International Caregiver299AED
  • Basic Accounting299AED
  • Basic Infection Control89AED
  • Nursing Leadership and Managament in Healthcare Setting69AED
  • Pain Management Standards69AED
  • Therapeutic Communication Course69AED
  • Homecare Nursing: A Guide to Comprehensive Patient Assesstment 69AED
  • Airway Management89AED
  • Nursing Managerial Skills Enhancement69AED
  • Healthcare Quality CPHQ Preparatory Course1299AED